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Singers Glen Music and Heritage Festival, September 23-24, 2017

      Join us as we celebrate the heritage and musical history of the beautiful and charming village of Singers Glen, Virginia.  The Music and Heritage Festival, which is held every five years, will feature performances of the opera, Singers Glen, a musical drama, by Alice Parker, recounting the history of Joseph Funk's shape-note tune book, Genuine Church Music, now known as the Harmonia Sacra.
      Funk published his first hymn book in 1816 and set up a print shop in the Glen in 1847, the first Mennonite printing house in the United States.  He was also famous for the singing school that he and his sons held in the town.
      During the Festival, we will gather for a hymn sing from the same collection, meet for tours of the community, view displays of historical memorabilia, share meals together, and more!
The schedule for the weekend is shown below.  Return to this site for updates.
     Saturday, September 23
          9:00               Guided walking tour of the Singers Glen village
          10:00-5:00     Heritage Displays in the Community Center
          11:00             Guided walking tour of Singers Glen and 
                                Joseph Funk house
          11:00             Kenny and Dawn Miller
          12:00             Harmony in Unison
          2:00               Singers Glen - Music Drama 
          5:00               Harmonia Sacra sing
          7:00               Singers Glen - Music Drama -
                                second performance
     Sunday, September 23
          11:00             Community Worship Service
                                Community Center
          12:00             Community Picnic
          2:00               Singers Glen - Music Drama - 
                                third performance