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Joys and Concerns - January 12, 2019


Notes from January 5, 2019 

- Rev. Victor Gomez, District Superintendent, provided today's inspirational sermon.  He distributed forks and reminded us that "The best is yet to come".

- Holly Pozzie's joy is that she will soon gain a new son-in-law. Courtney & Rodney are engaged.

- Laura Simmons was happy to announce that her grandson, John, now weighs 8 lbs. 8 oz.

- Please pray for Robin Nicolas who fell and broke her shoulder and her hip. She is presently hospitalized. If you would like to send a card to her home, her address is:  422 Northfield Ct., Harrisonburg, VA  22802.



 Notes from December 29, 2019 

- Liturgist Paula Bowman and Lay Leader David White led today's worship service. Pastor Debra is taking a leave of absence (bereavement time) during January. If an emergency arises, please call David White (540-896-2931). He will then get in touch with the pastor on call.

- Welcome to Sherri and Brian Fowler who are visiting with Gayle Davis.

- Paula Bowman announced that the UMW collects cancelled stamps for mission work. A box will be provided for collection at our church. 

- John Wright was thankful that all of his family made it to his home for Christmas and returned home safely.  

- Please pray for baby John Simmons who has gained only 2 lbs. recently. He will be seeing a specialist in Charlottesville on January 10.



 A list of supplies to refill the pantry is listed below:


Items Needed to Restock Pantry
Canned and Fresh Fruit Peanut Butter               Paper Towels           
Meat (Canned, Fresh, Frozen) Catsup/Mustard/Mayo Toilet Paper
Canned Pasta Canned and Fresh Vegetables Tissues
Frozen Dinners Salad Dressing Shampoo
Boxed Dinners Soup Soap
Pancake Mix/Syrup Cheese Laundry Detergent
Cereal Juice Dish Detergent
Sugar/Flour Dry/Canned Milk Crackers/Chips
Eggs Cake/Cookie Mixes Snack cakes/cookies