Friday, May 24, 2019
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Joys and Concerns - May 26, 2019


Notes from May 19, 2019 

- Welcome back to Mary Angelil who has returned from Florida, and to Nadine Dove who has been recovering from a broken hip.

- The choir will not practice during June, July & August, but other music would be welcomed. Please talk to Maria or Debra if you would like to provide special music.

- Maria Clymer-Kurtz is part of a vocal group, "Shekinah" who has produced a CD, "By and By". See Maria if you would like to purchase one.

- Barbara & John Wright's granddaughter, Sabrina, came through her surgery well and celebrated her 14th birthday on Friday.

- Brookelyne Pozzie requested prayers for Chad Ramsey who had a very bad car accident that may prevent him from graduating in June.

- Pastor Debra requested unspoken prayers for protection against evil. She also asked for prayers for Gwen who will no longer be able to serve on the Emmaus Board due to a number of mini-strokes. 

- Pastor Debra asked for prayers for those who suffer from fibromyalgia and other issues which cause pain and the inability to function normally.

- Nancy Bolton's daughter-in-law, Betty, suffered a slight stoke and has fluid on the brain which will need to be removed. Please pray for Betty.

- Please pray for healing and restoration for Pam Kiracofe's mother who is in the hospital.

- Mary Angelil asked for prayers for her brother, Phil May, who has been having trouble with  the nerves in his arms and hands and will be having surgery at Johns Hopkins this week. 



A list of supplies to refill the pantry is listed below:


Items Needed to Restock Pantry
Canned and Fresh Fruit Peanut Butter              
Paper Towels           
Meat (Canned, Fresh, Frozen) Catsup/Mustard/Mayo Toilet Paper
Canned Pasta Canned and Fresh Vegetables Tissues
Frozen Dinners Salad Dressing Shampoo
Boxed Dinners Soup Soap
Pancake Mix/Syrup Cheese Laundry Detergent
Cereal Juice Dish Detergent
Sugar/Flour Dry/Canned Milk Crackers/Chips
Eggs Cake/Cookie Mixes Snack cakes/cookies



   Notes from May 12, 2019 

- Thank you to the men of the church for this morning's delicious Mother's Day Breakfast!

- Paula Bowman thanked those who contributed money and materials for the 78 school kits that are ready to send to Conference. A big thank you to Paula and to Gayle Davis for assembling the kits. Anyone who would like to assemble hygiene kits is encouraged to do so.

- Pastor Debra announced that June 15 is the date set for a one day Vacation Bible School.

- Debra asked for prayers for the Ramsey family in the loss of their father. She also requested prayers for her mother-in-law, Jo, as she mourns the loss of her husband.

- Barbara Wright would like prayers for her granddaughter, Sabrina, as she faces surgery.

- Thelma Hollar was pleased to have her son, Barry Penn-Hollar.  and his wife, Jane, in today's worship service.

- Megan Geier and Jane Spitzer enjoyed Saturday's concert by "Skekinah" at the Community Mennonite Church.  Maria Clymer-Kurtz is a member of the vocal group.

- It was good have Holly Pozzie in this morning's worship service. Holly is recovering from knee surgery.