Monday, March 19, 2018
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Joys and Concerns - March 18, 2018


Notes from March 11, 2018

- It was a joy for Pastor Debra to direct a choir of 600 children who were participating in a Weekday Religious Education (WRE) program at EMU on Saturday.

- Please pray for Fred Miller and his family as they mourn the death of Peg Miller. Her funeral was held at Donovan Memorial yesterday and a meal, provided by the family, was served by ladies of the church. The daffodils and hyacinths on the alter were given by the Miller family.

- Pastor Debra visited Barbara Nelson's father, Marvin Fleming, at Oak Lea and he is doing well. Please keep Mr. Fleming in your prayers.

- Nancy Bolton would like prayers for her granddaughter's husband, Jeff, who will be undergoing a quadruple bypass next week.

- Jimmy Lee's granddaughter, Lauren Shirkey, was valedictorian of her class at B.H.S. and is now on the President's List at Shenandoah University.  Congratulations to Lauren, and proud granddad, Jimmy!

- Please keep David Nesselrodt in your prayers as he struggles with stage 4 prostate cancer and recent swollen lymph nodes.

- Please be in prayer for Don McMullen who has pneumonia, and for caregiver, Juanita.

- Please lift up Buddy Strawderman & family as they mourn the death of his mother, Mary.

- Please continue to pray for Earl Cline who is improving at VMRC. 


A Community  Easter Sunrise Service will be held on Easter morning at the Singers Glen Cemetery at 6:45 a.m.  A breakfast at Donovan Memorial, provided by the Growing Christians Class, will follow the Sunrise Service.


Notes from March 4, 2018 

 - Barbara Nelson's father, Marvin Fleming, underwent leg surgery on Friday. Barbara's sister, Dianne Cullers, had a hip replacement on Monday.  Please keep the family in your prayers.

- Gayle Davis reported that her sister, Janice Dreschler, is at home and doing well.

- Nancy Bolton reported that her niece Tonya Turner's brain surgery went well.

- Please be in prayer for Don McMullen who has pneumonia, and for caregiver, Juanita.

- Buddy Strawderman's mother, Mary, is very ill. Update: Mary passed away on Monday, 5 March. Please keep their family in your prayers

- Patrick Cline's father is improving at VMRC and wants to come home. To do so, he will need costly 24 hour care. Please be in prayer for Patrick & family and all those who are agonizing over decisions about the care of elderly relatives.

- Barbara Wright requested prayers for her daughter, Sarah, who has been dealing with school-related illnesses for the past two months.

- Mitzi MacAllister continues to improve at home, but is struggling with using a walker.


- George & Sue Leitmeyer would like a rental between Harrisonburg and Staunton ($750 or under). If you know of one, please pass the information on to them.


The Food Pantry is open on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 6-7 p.m.

Food of all kinds is needed to restock the shelves.  Suggested items:
Canned & Fresh Fruits                 Peanut Butter                  Paper Towels
Canned Meats                              Catsup/Mustard              Toilet Tissue
Canned Pasta                               Mayonnaise                      Tissues
Frozen Dinners                            Salad dressing                 Shampoo
Boxed Foods                                Soup                                Soap
Pancake Mix/Syrup                      Cheese                            Crackers
Sugar / Flour                              Snack Cakes                     Cereal
Dry/ Canned Milk                        Cookies / Candy                Raisins 
Spaghetti & Sauce                      Cake / Cookie Mixes         Potato Chips, etc
Fresh Fruits & Vegetables          Laundry Detergent           Dish Detergent
                          Clothes are not needed at this time.   Thank you for your support!