Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Joys and Concerns - September 22, 2019


Notes from September 15, 2019 

- Congratulations and best wishes to Daniel and Lauren Rohrer who were married on September 7 at Sunny Slope!

- Dale MacAllister introduced his cousins from NC and NM who are in the area to attend the funeral of Larry Hoover. Larry had the role of Joseph Funk in the opera, Singers Glen, which was performed at a Music and Heritage Festival held some years ago.

- Laura Simmons shared that Christina's labor was delayed by medication last weekend.  It is now safe for the baby to arrive at any time. Laura also shared that she and Willie will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on Tuesday. Congratulations!

- Nancy Bolton is pleased to be taking a JMU Lifelong Learning Institute class "Music in the Old Testament" which is being taught by Raymond Hebert.

- Pastor Debra requested prayers for the family of a football player who collapsed and died on the football field during a game.  

- Pastor Debra asked that we be in prayer for the "huge divide in this country".  She noted that there are people (mentally challenged, etc.) who are living on the streets and not being taken care of. She feels that we as a nation need to work to heal these kinds of wounds that are present in our country. 


 A list of supplies to refill the pantry is listed below:


Items Needed to Restock Pantry
Canned and Fresh Fruit Peanut Butter              
Paper Towels           
Meat (Canned, Fresh, Frozen) Catsup/Mustard/Mayo Toilet Paper
Canned Pasta Canned and Fresh Vegetables Tissues
Frozen Dinners Salad Dressing Shampoo
Boxed Dinners Soup Soap
Pancake Mix/Syrup Cheese Laundry Detergent
Cereal Juice Dish Detergent
Sugar/Flour Dry/Canned Milk Crackers/Chips
Eggs Cake/Cookie Mixes Snack cakes/cookies



   Notes from September 8, 2019 

- Paula Bowman thanked those who have donated school supplies for Conference 2020.  Scissors and pencil sharpeners are still needed.

- Pastor Debra shared that her "heart friend", Dee White, is starring in a Schulz Theater production, The Curious Savage, and urged everyone to see Dee in a "perfect role" for her. Tickets are still available for today as well as September 13, 14 & 15. Be sure to attend!

- Pastor Debra requested prayers for Courtney Pozzie.

- John and Barbara Wright were pleased to have granddaughter, Morgan, with them today. Please pray for Barbara who is facing knee surgery in the near future.

- Gayle Davis reported that Phil May will be leaving VMRC to return home on Monday.

- She also shared that Garnett Turner is at VMRA following either a stroke or heart attack. Please pray for him and his family.

- Please pray for the people of the Bahamas who lost everything during Hurricane Dorian.

- Laura Simmons requested prayers for the firefighters who are helping at Virginia Beach during and following Hurricane Dorian.