Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Joys and Concerns - May 27, 2018

Notes from May 20, 2018

- We wish to extend our heartfelt sympathy to Juanita McMullen and family in the loss of Don. Don and Juanita have served our church faithfully for many, many years and we are thankful to have been blessed with both of them.  Please keep Don's family in your prayers.

- Welcome back, Mary Angelil! We're thankful that Mary has returned to us after spending the winter in her home in Florida.

- Pastor Debra welcomed an Emmaus friend, Joe.

- Barbara Nelson's mother, Alta Fleming, was in the hospital last week. She is now at home but needs a new valve for her heart.

- Laura Simmons requested prayers for Tristan's girlfriend's friend who died this past week from a drug overdose.

- Butch Bowman will be going on a fishing trip to Canada this week. Please pray for safe travels for him.

- Please pray for Clark Myers’ mother and his family as they deal with a flooded basement,damaged driveway and lawn at her home in Maryland. She is also in the hospital again with serious lung issues.

- The people of Santa Fe, Texas, need our prayers as they grieve the loss and injury of their children due to a school shooting.  Please pray also for the shooter and his family.

- Thankfully Pastor Debra is feeling better after receiving medication to treat ear, nose, throat, and chest infections. Please pray that the medications will do their job well!

- Please continue to pray for Elmer Mongold, a faithful Christian, who is at the end of his life, and for his wife, Judy, as she cares for him.

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The Food Pantry has received a request for cat food.  If you would like to purchase some, or bring some (opened or unopened) that you cannot use, please put it in the food donation tote in the back hallway or see Susan. 



Notes from May 13, 2018 

- Thank you to several special men who prepared a wonderful Mother's Day Breakfast today!

- Thanks to Pastor Debra our church was blessed with a wonderful revival this past week.


It was a joy to hear of the many graduations and other celebrations that took place during the past week and others that are coming soon!

-- Daniel Rohrer graduated from VA Tech with a degree in Civil Engineering and will begin a new job tomorrow at Engineering Solutions.

-- Taylor Nesselrodt graduated from Bridgewater College with a degree in Education.

-- Nancy Bolton's granddaughter, Hannah, graduated from VA Tech with a degree in Architecture.

-- Brittaney Nelson's boyfriend, Nick Shade, graduated from Penn State with a Masters Degree in English.

-- Larry and Susan Huffman's grandson, Chris, graduated from Blue Ridge with a degree in Business.

-- Buddy and Nancy Strawderman's granddaughter, Autumn, will be graduating from the fifth grade.

-- Butch and Paula Bowman's grandson,  Jacob, will be graduating from the fifth grade.

-- Clark and Donna Myers' granddaughter, Catherine, will graduate from pre-school and enter kindergarten in the fall.

-- John and Barbara Wright's granddaughter, Ashley, made Dean's List.  Another granddaughter, Sabrina, will have a confirmation next Sunday.

-- Clark and Donna's son made a huge move to Chicago and has already been promoted in his new job.

-- Larry Huffman noted that about 100 of his former students graduated from JMU last week.

Congratulations to all!

- Gayle Davis visited Don and Juanita McMullen this week and thanked them for their many years of faithful service to our church. Please continue to keep them in your prayers.

- Please pray for Elmer Mongold, a faithful Christian, who is at the end of his life, and for his wife, Judy, as she cares for him.

- Please remember in prayer: Nancy Strawderman, who will have a heart catherization on Tuesday; Mitzi MacAllister, as she recuperates at home after a number of falls; Dale MacAllister, as his foot heals; and Larry Huffman, who has been diagnosed with neuropathy.



 - George & Sue Leitmeyer would like a rental between Harrisonburg and Staunton ($750 or under). If you know of one, please pass the information on to them.


The Food Pantry is open on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 6-7 p.m.

Food of all kinds is needed to restock the shelves.  Suggested items:
Canned & Fresh Fruits                 Peanut Butter                  Paper Towels
Canned Meats                              Catsup/Mustard              Toilet Tissue
Canned Pasta                               Mayonnaise                      Tissues
Frozen Dinners                            Salad dressing                 Shampoo
Boxed Foods                                Soup                                Soap
Pancake Mix/Syrup                      Cheese                            Crackers
Sugar / Flour                              Snack Cakes                     Cereal
Dry/ Canned Milk                        Cookies / Candy                Raisins 
Spaghetti & Sauce                      Cake / Cookie Mixes         Potato Chips, etc
Fresh Fruits & Vegetables          Laundry Detergent           Dish Detergent
                          Clothes are not needed at this time.   Thank you for your support!