Monday, November 20, 2017
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Joys and Concerns - November 19, 2017

Notes from November 12, 2017 

  •  Pastor Debra thanked our veterans for their service to our country.
  • Barbara Nelson reported that the Election Day meal profit was $1,786.22. Many thanks to Barbara for taking charge of the meal and to all those who helped. 
  • Pastor Debra asked for prayers for someone who needs a ride from Broadway to attend services at Cherry Grove.
  • Continue to pray for Pam Kiracofe's mother, Shirley.
  • Patrick Kline's father, Earl, has pneumonia and needs our prayers.
  • Donna Myers invited the ladies of the church to a luncheon at Blessings Lodge on December 4 at 12 noon. Please contact Donna if you would like to attend. Cost: $15.25 
  • David White is at home after having a knee replacement on Monday. Please keep him in your prayers. Dee and David's address is: 14731 Justice Crossing, Broadway, VA 22815. 
  • Willie's Simmon's father had heart surgery on Friday. Please lift him up in your prayers.
  • Please pray for Mitzi MacAllister who is at VMRC (Oak Lea- Room 101) recovering from a broken hip. 
  • Russell Brown (husband of Nancy Bolton's sister-in-law, Mary Sue) will have open heart surgery on November 30 and needs our prayers. 
  • Sue Leitmeyer is facing surgery on December 22. Please remember her in your prayers. 
  • Paula Bowman requested prayers for several people: Wayne Keister who had a heart attack; her son's step-grandson who took his life; and her granddaughter, a student at George Mason, who is in a hospital in Fairfax with a neurological condition.
  • John Wright asked for prayers for his cousin, Melanie, who has pneumonia. 
  • Betty Grimm will have a procedure on Monday. Please pray for Betty.
 Liturgists are needed for 2018.  If you are not presently on the schedule, you are invited to sign up to help in 2018. The sign-up sheet is on the hall bulletin board. 
If you would like to donate a poinsettia for the altar during the Christmas season, please fill in the form below:
In memory of ____________________________________________________________________________________________
In honor of ______________________________________________________________________________________________
Given by ________________________________________________________________________________________________
Please give completed form plus $9.00 to Susan Huffman by Nov. 26.

Notes from November 5, 2017

  • Barbara Wright requested prayers for her cousin, Ricky Plaugher, who is dealing with cancer.
  • David White will be having a knee replacement on Monday. Please keep him in your prayers. 
  • Laura Simmons asked for prayers for her son, Tristan Simmons, as he takes a Fire & Rescue test this week. And also please lift up in prayer Willie Simmon's father who will be having major heart surgery.
  • Gayle Davis would like prayers for former co-worker, Pam Bocock's granddaughter (age 3) who will be having surgery at UVA for a tumor in her jaw.
  • Please pray for Mitzi MacAllister who is at VMRC recovering from a broken hip.



The Food Pantry is open on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 6-7 p.m.

Food of all kinds is needed to restock the shelves.  Suggested items:
Canned & Fresh Fruits                 Peanut Butter                  Paper Towels
Canned Meats                              Catsup/Mustard              Toilet Tissue
Canned Pasta                               Mayonnaise                      Tissues
Frozen Dinners                            Salad dressing                 Shampoo
Boxed Foods                                Soup                                Soap
Pancake Mix/Syrup                      Cheese                            Crackers
Sugar / Flour                              Snack Cakes                     Cereal
Dry/ Canned Milk                        Cookies / Candy                Raisins 
Spaghetti & Sauce                      Cake / Cookie Mixes         Potato Chips, etc
Fresh Fruits & Vegetables          Laundry Detergent           Dish Detergent
                          Clothes are not needed at this time.   Thank you for your support!