Saturday, April 17, 2021
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I had gone to other churches in my life but for one reason or another I had lost interest in church. When I moved to Singers Glen with my husband Buddy, I opened a hair shop in our home. I didn't go to church for a while because I was not committed to God like a devoted Christian should be. I didn't have Christ first in my life. I cut hair for many of my neighbors who invited me to come to Donovan church. I decided to join Donovan and have been going there ever since. The people always made me feel welcome and they always invited my family to come to all the events they were having. 

I didn't go to church regularly at first, as a matter of fact I stopped going altogether for 2 years. The people never forgot about us though, and asked if they had done something to keep me from coming.  But they hadn't -  it was me. Whenever I saw one of the church members they would tell me they missed me and wished I would come back. I hadn't given my life to Jesus completely yet.  

Then in 1996 at the lowest point in my life, I asked Christ to take over for me because I was tired of the mess I kept making of my life. On Dec. 6, 1996, I was to have surgery. The pastor that was at Donovan at that time (Mike Frank) came to the hospital and prayed with me before surgery.  When I went into surgery, God answered my prayers and baptized me in the Holy Spirit. 

There is much more I could tell about what God has done for me, but space does not permit. I have been back in church ever since my surgery and so has my husband.  Now God is where he belongs and that's first in my life. 

Donovan has been a very special church to me. They have always been there when I needed them. They are a very caring church and will support you in anything you want to do at the church. I feel like they are all my brothers and sisters, I feel very close to everyone there. I have really grown in my faith since 1996 and I’m still growing. The church has had its ups and downs like every church has, but I love Donovan and plan on staying a long time. 

I always want to invite others to come to church with me, just as I was invited years ago. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else other than Singers Glen and I wouldn't want any other church.  Donovan is my church home and I feel it will always be. It just keeps getting better.   I’m proud to say I’m a member of Donovan Memorial United Methodist Church.
Nancy Strawderman